I am a Dual PhD Candidate at the University of Michigan, in Political Science and Scientific Computing. My research focuses on using computational tools to study elections, electoral behavior and menaces to election integrity. It includes projects that use Machine Learning, Computational Game Theory, Geospatial Analysis, Multi-Agent Systems, Bayesian Estimation, String Matching Algorithms, among other tools. I like to think of my research as being within what I call Computational Electoral Studies.

At the University of Michigan, I am also a Researcher at the Center for Complex Systems and at Center for Political Studies, where I develop the GeoReferenced Electoral Districts Datasets. Prior to coming to Ann Arbor, I have been a visiting researcher at Åbo Akademi University, Finland, with an award from the European Union Coimbra Group of Universities, and also a visiting researcher at the Juan March Foundation, Spain, with an award from the Fundación Carolina. I am a proud alumni of Brazil’s University of São Paulo.