I am a Dual PhD Candidate at the University of Michigan, in Political Science and Scientific Computing. My research focuses on using computational tools to study elections and menaces to election integrity in a comparative perspective. It includes projects that use Machine Learning, Geospatial Analysis, Computational Game Theory, Bayesian Estimation, among other tools. I like to think of my research as being within what I call Computational Electoral Studies.

At the University of Michigan, I am also a Researcher at the Center for Complex Systems and at Center for Political Studies, where I develop a novel dataset of high-resolution GIS maps of the boundaries of electoral circumscriptions used all over the world (currently covering 1341 elections in 164 countries). Prior to coming to Ann Arbor, I have been a visiting researcher at Åbo Akademi University, Finland, with an award from the European Union Coimbra Group of Universities, and also a visiting researcher at the Juan March Foundation, Spain, with an award from the Fundación Carolina. I am a proud alumni of Brazil’s University of São Paulo.